Mid-South Medical & Mobility

Our Mission

Vision Statement:

To honor Jesus Christ through improving the health and quality of life for the customers we serve by providing equipment and services.

Mission Statement:

We strive to exceed the service needs of our customers by responding to their health, behavioral, and social needs in a manner that promotes efficiency and quality.

Organizational Values:

  • Integrity: In all that we do, whether with fellow team members or with customers, to always maintain integrity in our actions
  • Compassion: That we show compassion for our fellow team members as well as our customers
  • Loyalty: That all members of the team display loyalty to one another. From managers to subordinates and from subordinates to managers
  • Hard Work: That all members of the team be committed, work hard, and that each person’s hard work will be measured by outcomes that demonstrate the hard work completed
  • Teamwork: Everyone is committed to being part of the team and that all efforts go to support the success and peacefulness of the team
  • Excellence: In all that we do, we strive for excellence and will only be satisfied with excellence
  • Accountability: Everyone on the team is accountable for their actions and to the other members of the team. It means being accountable for all of the other values to the members of the team.

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