Walkers and Rollators
  • Basic Rollator

    Loop-style brakes you push down to lock and pull up to release. Padded backrest and padded seat offer the ability to rest.

  • Bariatric Rollator

    Reinforced design to support higher weight capacities. Wider distance between handles for users needing extra room.

  • Empower Rollator

    Padded backrest flips to enable sitting from either side and asimple seat latch allows users to move it for step-in support

  • Stealth Rollator

    Both rugged and stylish, this rollator features a roomy matte black frame with 7" (17.8 cm) chrome hubs. Comes standard with a cup holder, a rearview mirror, a utility belt and a flashlight.

  • Posh Pink Zebra Rollator

    This brightly colored rollator adds stability while reducing stress on the body.

  • Rolling Walker

    Easy-to-use, push-button mechanisms let walkers fold easily. Each side folds independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces.

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