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Stay Independent, Active, And In Your Own Home


Mobility issues affect us all at some point. Some have problems walking long distances, or trouble climbing up and down the stairs in our homes.

These kind of problems can make you feel isolated and dependent on others. You deserve better.

Regardless of your mobility issues, you should be able to both live well at home and get out of the house. If you cannot get around as easily as you once did, we're here to offer help through a variety of accessibility products.

Our stairlifts, vehicle lifts, and ramps keep you living as independently and mobile as possible. They ensure you can get around in your own house, and can get out to take trips. With Mid-South Medical & Mobility, your world becomes accessible again.

  • Stairlifts: Stairs are a chore, especially if you have arthritis, heart conditions, breathing problems, or other health issues. For you, a stairlift could be a lifesaver. We offer exactly what you need, including budget-friendly and compact stairlifts. We have specialists on staff who build and install custom designs, even for curved stairs.
  • Vehicle Lifts: You and your power scooter or chair are a team—wherever you go, it goes too! Mid-South Medical & Mobility installs lifts for all vehicle types. We offer many vehicle lift options for transporting power scooters and wheelchairs, including interior, exterior, and compact lifts.
  • Ramps: Don't let doors or steps keep you from freedom. If you use a scooter, wheelchair, or walker, ramps are vital in keeping you mobile. We offer many types of traditional ramps that are easy to install. You can also work with a specialist for a custom-designed ramp solution.

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